Parts for your (Lotus) automobile

On this page you'll find parts that aren't specifically for one model Lotus but could be applicable to several different cars. 

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Classic Sport 20w50

Semi-Synthetic premium 20W50 engine oil for 1960's-1980's applications

Elevated ZDDP levels, along with detergents and dispersants in robust additive pack

Meets or exceeds API SF specification

Semi-synthetic engine oil for classic performance and sports car engines. Extra high performance engine oil based on highest quality performance additives and shear stable viscosity improvers in synthetic and mineral base. Ideal for any Elan or Europa. 

Ref. MIL-C5410JC  1Ltr  $12.95

Ref. MIL-C5410GE 5Ltr  $58.95

Classic Gear Oil EP 80w90

• GL4 with extreme pressure additives
• Suitable for brass and bronze components, i.e. non-stain
• Transmissions, transaxles, and differentials

EP Transmission oil to API GL4 for classic transmissions. High quality solvent refined mineral base stocks with performance additives.

Use in Elan gearbox and differential, all Europa transaxles. 

Ref. MIL-C5319JC  1Ltr  $16.95

Vesper Power Plus

• Protects against harmful effects of ethanol
• Contains lead substitute to lubricate valves
• Adds up to 20 octane points (2 numbers, e.g. 93 to 95)

An "ALL IN ONE" fuel treatment providing ethanol protection, lead replacement and an octane improver that adds up to two octane numbers (20 points) to unleaded fuel. Protects against the corrosion effects of ethanol in modern fuel. Treats 10 gallons of fuel.

Recommended for all classic engines previously requiring leaded fuels.

Ref. MIL-A7564MB  

Red Rubber Grease

Use for lubrication of rubber seals, dust boots and associated components in brake and clutch master cylinders, slave cylinders, wheel cylinders and other hydraulic components.

The vegetable oil based formulation is non-damaging to rubber components, prolonging the life of the material and preventing water ingress. 

Ideal for use when rebuilding hydraulic components.

Ref. MIL-A5196TB  500g  $17.95



Spend less than $10 to save your car's engine!


Engine Oil Additive ZDDP

Attention Elan & Europa Owners:
Avoid cam and tappet wear! 
Your engine needs this additive.

Modern oils are hard on your old engine which was designed to run with motor oil containing ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate). Unfortunately this additive is no longer used in conventional and synthetic motor oils. 

ZDDP alters bearing and journal surface characteristics to prevent metal-to-metal contact, protecting camshafts and tappets especially. 

Just add ZDDPlus to every 4-5 quart oil change and your engine will be protected.  ZDDPlus works with any conventional or synthetic motor oil.  

A single 4 oz. bottle of ZDDPlus is only $9.95
Quantity Pricing:
4 @ $8.95 = $35.80
8 @ $8.50 = $68.00

ZDDPlus should not be used on an engine that has a catalytic converter or OBD.


The ultimate cam assembly lubricant

This lubricant has been specifically developed for the break-in requirements of flat-tappet engines like the Lotus TwinCam.  The special formulation keeps ZPaste on the contact points of the camshaft and tappets, protecting parts from damage during initial start-up.  After dissolving in the oil, the components in ZPaste continue to protect engine parts during break-in. 

You can use this cam lube whenever you have removed the cams for valve adjustments, to protect the lobes and tappets from scuffing when you restart the engine.  ZPaste will increase the ZDDP level of your oil as it dissolves.

ZPaste comes in a 5/8 oz packet for only $5.95 

Buy 3 packets for only $14.85 ($4.95 each)


  High Performance Starters

  • Gear-reduction design provides more than adequate starting power
  • Increased cranking speed for faster starting
  • Will not "pop out" like original Lucas starters
  • Solve starter problems on any Elan or Europa
  • Ideal for both road and race applications
  • Easy installation - No special tools required
  • One year warranty
  • Available for Lotus Elan S1-4, Elan +2, Europa S2 and TwinCam, Elite/Eclat, Esprit and Esprit Turbo, Coventry Climax, Triumph, MG, AH and more. 
  • Please inquire for price and availability. 

Lucas Square 8 Fog Lamps

Lucas-licensed reproduction fog lamp with chrome body and black lens cover with rubber strap. These lamps were originally fitted to the Elan Plus 2-S and S-130 and other cars including Shelby Mustang, Rolls Royce Shadow, Bentley T Type. These lamps were often fitted to other British sports cars such as MGB, Midget and Sprite, Triumph Spitfire, TR4, 250 andTR6. 
Size approx.7" x 4" 

Ref. 50M6182 Fog Lamp FT8  $149.00 each 

Lucas Terminals, Terminal Kit, Bullet Crimping Tool and Bullet Assembly Pliers

See details on the TOOLS page

6RA Relay Replacement

This replacement relay is made in the same size and style as the original Lucas 6RA relays used in the Elan, Plus 2, Europa and more.  The relay is "normally open" and is a suitable replacement for most headlight and horn relays.  Wiring terminals: C1 positive feed, C2 normally open contact, W1 winding feed, W2 winding ground (instead of just grounding through the case). 

Ref. 36M6025R - $49.00

Dash Warning Lamps

Warning lamps with integral bulb will fit a 1/2" hole.  Two spade terminal connectors.  Available in green, blue, red and amber. 

 $10.00 each

Ref. ICN-CAB617 Green
Ref. ICN-CAB618 Blue
(limited availability)
Ref. ICN-CAB619 Red
Ref. ICN-CAB620 Amber

CAB612 fits 5/8" hole


 CAB614 fits 1/2" hole


Instrument Bulbholders

Replacement bulbholders for most Smiths instruments.  Plastic bulbholders use modern capless bulb and include two solder-on terminals and a new bulb.  

CAB612 fits a 5/8" hole - $6.00

CAB614 fits a 1/2" hole - $5.00 

Wire Hose Clamps

Original style hose clamps are available for a proper restoration.  Measure the outside diameter of your hose to determine the size clamp you need.


RD Ref #

Size range

Price $


7/16” – 9/16”



9/16” - 3/4”



5/8” – 13/16”



11/16” – 7/8”



3/4" – 1”



13/16” – 1-1/16”



1” – 1-1/4”



1-1/8” – 1-3/8”



1-1/4” – 1-7/16”



1-5/16” – 1-1/2”



1-3/8” – 1-9/16”



1-7/16” – 1-5/8”



1-9/16” – 1-13/16”



1-11/16” – 1-7/8”



1-7/8” – 2”



1-15/16” – 2-1/8”



2-1/16” – 2-1/4”



2-3/16” – 2-7/16”



2-7/16” – 2-5/8”



Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps

T-bolt band clamps can be tightened much more than standard worm-gear clamps.  And these stainless clamps don't deform pipes like standard muffler clamps, making removal of exhaust pipes much easier.  It's also easy to orient these clamps so that they don't reduce your car's ground clearance.

Part # Size Range
50S6004S  1-1/2" 37-40mm, 1.46"-1.57"
50S6005S  1-5/8" 40-43mm, 1.58"-1.69"
50S6006S  1-3/4" 43-47mm, 1.69"-1.85"
50S6008S  1-7/8" 47-51mm, 1.85"-2.01"
50S6009S  2" 51-55mm, 2.01"-2.17"
50S6010S  2-1/4" 55-59mm, 2.17"-2.32"
50S6011S  2-3/8" 59-63mm, 2.32"-2.48"
50S6012S  2-1/2" 63-68mm, 2.48"-2.68"
50S6014S  2-3/4" 68-73mm, 2.68"-2.87"
50S6016S  3" 73-79mm, 2.87"-3.11"
50S6017S  3-1/8" 79-85mm, 3.11"-3.35"

(Measure pipe outside diameter to determine size needed)

All sizes $8.95 each

Stainless Steel Caliper Pistons

26J6041SS - 43mm - Girling 12SP caliper 
Front calipers: Elan S1, some Lotus 7, various sports racers and early formula cars.

36J6000SS - 48mm - Girling 14LF caliper 
Front calipers: Elan S2, S3, S4 and Sprint, Europa S1, S2 and TwinCam, Esprit S1, S2 and Turbo up to 1985

36J6035SS - 34mm - Girling 10/8H caliper 
Rear calipers on Elan S1, S2, S3, S4 and Sprint, Elan Plus 2 and Elite S2 to 1964

50J6027SS - 54mm - Girling 16P caliper 
Front calipers, early Elan Plus 2, Lotus Cortina Mk1 1966-7

50J6104SS - 54mm - Girling 16PB caliper  
Front calipers: late Elan Plus 2, Ιclat

See appropriate parts pages for pricing

Tenax Studs and Trim Washers

Tenax studs with 5/8" thread length are used for the Elan top and tonneau attachment, probably some Lotus Sevens and others too. 
Each Tenax stud comes with a nut.    
Ref. 26B6032-0625

Trim washers for above studs    
Ref. 26B6034

See ELAN PARTS page for current pricing

Tenax Top & Ring
Two-piece Tenax fastener used on Elan top and tonneau.  

Ref. 26B6031 

See ELAN PARTS page for current pricing

Rapid-Cool Fan Kit

10" electric fan can be used in either push or pull configuration.  Fan comes assembled as pusher; reverse blade and wiring for puller.  Kit includes mounting hardware and an adjustable thermostatic fan control, wiring and instructions. 

Fan weight 2 lbs 11 oz, mounting area 10-7/8" x 11-3/8", 2-3/4 maximum height at center of motor, rated at 650cfm. 

Ref. FAN3670  $119.00

Hylomar M

Non-setting gasket and jointing compound with excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Operating temperature -50C to +250C. Resistant to a wide range of automotive and industrial fluids. Use on machined metal to metal surfaces; also as a gasket dressing or thread sealant. 80ml tube            

Ref. HYLOMARM  $19.00



Protects moving parts right from the start with a film of concentrated colloidal graphite.  125g tube 

Inquire for current pricing


Copper-based anti-seize compound; prevents corrosion; effective through a wide temperature range.  57g tube $19.00

Brake Grease

The latest version of the "red rubber grease" shown above, this clear (not red) grease has been specially developed for all mechanical assisted units like adjusters, for all hydraulic rubber parts which are in contact with brake fluid, guide bushings and guide pins, and clutch master and slave cylinders. 25 gram tube

Ref. HY-GG2  $7.00