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RC10GT GAS Sprint Car

This is a kit that will convert an Associated Gas Truck (RC10GT) into a nitro-burning sprint car!  It has been fabricated to use the gas truck drive train (non pull-start) and suspension.  The conversion kit comes with the body mounted. 


The conversion kit contains the following parts:

RC10GT Conversion Kit

Optional parts for RC10 Gas Conversion Kit:

sprnt8.jpg (20815 bytes)

Aluminum Tube Header

Available for the RH side only for the gas sprinter since the nitro engine exhaust is on the LH side! 
(Sorry that this photo shows the LH side header mounted on an electric sprint car.)

BPG3800 - RH Header

sprntfrtGTarm2s.jpg (16154 bytes)

Aluminum RC10GT Front Arms 

Replace the wide track arms from the GT with these aluminum arms to create a narrow front track. Use with the Aluminum RC10 Rear Arms #BP1015.


sprntreararms.jpg (20965 bytes)

Aluminum RC10 Rear Arms

Same dimensions as the original RC10 but much stiffer because these are made from aluminum! Use these on an RC10GT-based sprinter for a narrow rear track and to improve performance and durability.



Check the Sprint Car Parts Page for accessories like bead-lock aluminum wheels, wheel adapters and front bumpers

Replacement parts for the gas sprint car:
Composite chassis - BPG1100

Composite front shock tower - BPG1111
Composite rear shock tower - BPG1112
Nerf bars - BP2001L Left / BPG2001R Right
Roll cage with welded rear bumper - BPG2100
Body kit (hood, sides, tail tank, cockpit) - BPG3600
Top wing kit (aluminum center, Lexan side panels & mounts) - BP3020
Front wing kit (aluminum center, Lexan side panels & mount) - BP3100

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