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March 2015 Specials

Each month we will feature merchandise at special prices. 
Specials will change at the beginning of each month, so check back regularly. 

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Boot Lock/Handle
Elan S3/S4 boot lock and handle assembly. New lock includes keys and gasket. 
Ref. 36B0803  March 2015 Internet Special $89.00
(regular price $109.00)


Crown Wheel / Pinion Set
Elan, Elan +2 and Cortina
Make your car more "highway friendly" by reducing the engine rpm at cruising speed. Install a new 3.55:1 ratio cwp (39T crown wheel, 11T pinion) 
Ref. 26R0703-3.55  March 2015 Internet Special $649.00 (regular price $699.00)


HD Distributor Cap
Fits Lucas 43/45D Distributor
New distributor caps that are reproductions of the original Lucas DDB199 cap, complete with reinforcing ribs inside the cap (see photo). 
This cap was originally specified for 907 engines with Lucas 43D distributor, carbureted 4-cyl Turbos and Bosch-injected Turbos. All brass contacts (not aluminum) to ensure reliability. 
Fit Lucas 43D and 45D distributors only (not 25D on early 907 engines).
Original Lucas ref. 54422059 and DDB199, Lotus ref. 907E6329
Ref. DDB 199HD  March 2015 Internet Special $14.00 (regular price $19.00)

Steering Tie Rods
Race-quality Elan tie rods, made in UK.  Overall length 6-1/4", @ 5-1/4" from base of ball. 
Ref. 26H0005R  March 2015 Internet Special $79.00 (regular price $89.00)

We also stock tie rod ends, steering rack boots, shims and tab washers for tie rod sockets. 

     Special Sale prices are only applicable to stock on hand.


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You must mention this internet special to receive your discount!