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July 2016 Specials

Each month we will feature merchandise at special prices. 
Specials will change at the beginning of each month, so check back regularly. 

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  3-Ear KO Nuts
Have your nuts seen better days?  This set of four beautiful chrome 3-ear knock-off nuts will work with your original steel wheels or most alloy wheels.
Ref. 36G0006/7  July 2016 Internet Special $429.00/set
(Regular price $475.00/set)

ZDDPlus Engine Oil Additive ZDDP

Attention TwinCam Owners: Avoid cam and tappet wear! 
The TwinCam engine needs ZDDP!

ZDDPlus makes any engine oil safe for use with older engines designed to be used with SF or earlier motor oil.  The SF and earlier oils contained ZDDP, an extremely efficient extreme pressure lubricant for older (pre-1988) engines in general and high-performance flat-tappet engines like your Lotus. 

ZDDPlus is an oil supplement that contains very high concentrations of the additive ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl-Dithio-Phosphate), which has been the primary EP (Extreme Pressure) ingredient in all quality motor oils for over 70 years. 

Add one 4 oz. bottle of ZDDPlus to 4 or 5 quarts of your engine oil and protect your engine by bringing the ZDDP back up to the SF designated level of 0.15% by weight.

July 2016 Internet Special only $7.95 per bottle, any quantity! 
(Regular price $8.95)


The ultimate cam assembly lubricant

This lubricant has been specifically developed for the break-in requirements of flat-tappet engines like the Lotus TwinCam.  The special formulation keeps ZPaste on the contact points of the camshaft and tappets, protecting parts from damage during initial start-up.  After dissolving in the oil, the components in ZPaste continue to protect engine parts during break-in. 

You can use this cam lube whenever you have removed the cams for valve adjustments, to protect the lobes and tappets from scuffing when you restart the engine.  ZPaste will increase the ZDDP level of your oil as it dissolves.

ZPaste comes in a 5/8 oz packet for only $5.95 

July 2016 Internet Special only $4.95 per packet, any quantity! 

  Elan Steering Rack Shims

Adjust the mounting position of the steering rack to adjust bump steer. Shims fit under the rack, between the rack and the chassis. Raising the rack 1/16" on one side will produce about 3/32" more toe-in on rebound than bump on that side. It is permissible to have up to 1/8" more toe-in on rebound than bump. 

36H0060 Shim .035"  July 2016 Internet Special $3.25 each (Regular price $4.00 each)
36H0061 Shim .057"  July 2016 Internet Special $3.25 each 
Regular price $4.00 each)

  Elan "Thimble" Lamp    
Small side lamp for many Elans, single filament bulb. Lamp comes complete with lens, rim, bulb and gasket. 

Ref. 36M6429 Side Lamp July 2016 Internet Special $39.95 (Regular price $48.00)


Lucas Square 8 Fog Lamps

Lucas-licensed reproduction fog lamp with chrome body and black lens cover with rubber strap. These lamps were originally fitted to the Elan Plus 2-S and S-130 and other cars including Shelby Mustang, Rolls Royce Shadow, Bentley T Type.  Size approx.7" x 4" 

Ref. 50M6182 Fog Lamp FT8 July 2016 Internet Special $139.00 each (Regular price $149.00)


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You must mention this internet special to receive your discount!