Sebring Mirror Base

Replica of the original Sebring mirror base or stand-off which raises the mirror slightly off the mounting surface and greatly improves the view! When the Sebring mirrors were sold about 40 years ago this base was included with the mirror, but the base has not been available for decades. Now we can supply this mirror base, the usefulness of the Sebring mirror is improved and the appearance of the mirror is authentic to the original.

Ref. 50B6140BASE  $24.00 each


Sebring Mirrors

This is the classic racing mirror used on the Elan, Elan Plus 2 and Europa. The lightweight plastic housing has a chrome-plated finish, and the mirror is available in both flat and convex glass.  We recommend the flat lens for the driver's side and the convex lens for the passenger side.

Mounting base measures approximately 3" x 1.5". 

Weight is under 8 oz. 

Complete your restoration with an authentic Sebring mirror!

Ref. 50B6140-F  Flat Lens Sebring Mirror $135.00

Ref. 50B6140-C  Convex Lens Sebring Mirror $140.00