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Weber / Dellorto Soft-Mount Hardware

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Soft mount Plates - Metal plate with bonded O-ring replaces the old style carrier and separate O-rings.  This is a superior soft-mount system.  Two plates required per carb.  Plates fit 40-48mm carburetors. 
Ref. 26S0010   $10.00 each

Carburetor mounting cushions and cup washers - Rubber cushions are shaped like an hour-glass, allowing the carburetors to be tightened sufficiently to seal against air leaks yet remain flexible.  Cup washers help retain the cushion's shape and keep the cushions from spreading too much.   (Installation note: Compress cushions by @ .100".  Do not overtighten.)
Ref. 36E0472 Carburetor Cushion Set - One rubber cushion and two cup washers  $4.50 each

Thackery Washers - An alternative to the rubber cushions, these spring washers are only partially tensioned during installation (leave a gap of .035" - .050" between coils).  The thackery washer keeps tension on the carburetor yet retains some "spring" to allow flexibility. 
Ref. 75W4040   $1.50 each

Nylon Locking Nuts - Good nyloc nuts are necessary to hold the cushions or thackery washers at their installed compressed length without loosening because of engine vibrations.  Most installations use 5/16-24 thread studs, and we supply aircraft-quality "AN" full-height nylon locking nuts. 
Ref. AN365-0524   $.50 each

Installation Tip:  Use the rubber cushion mounts on the top carb studs (this is where the thackery washers tend to fatigue and break), and use the thackery washers on the bottom carb studs where the inevitable fuel leakage from the carbs will cause the rubber mounts to soften and fail.

  Weber DCOE Kit

Rebuild kit for two Weber DCOE carburetors (40,42 and 45DCOE). Kit includes 1.75 needle valves, fuel inlet filters, gaskets and o-rings for two carbs.

Ref. WE-93001-505C  $59.00

  Carb Gaskets

For both Weber DCOE and Dellorto DHLA carburetors, these gaskets fit between the carb face and the airbox.  Thick paper material conforms to slight irregularities to achieve a proper seal.  One per carburetor. 

Ref: WE-41655.031 $5.50 each

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